While the children of Mahadevpur went to the neighboring village to attend school, five-year-old Dharani would head quietly into the forest to attend a different class. Within a year, she acquired a skill that was unheard of. The most astounding part was she learned it from none other than Lord Shiva. He blessed her so that she would be able to use this skill in all her lives and to remind her of it, destiny would bring her to this forest in every life.

Dharani soon came to be known as the daughter of Lord Pashupathi amongst the villages. Years went by and she fell in love with a young tribal man, they married and lived in the forest with his family.

However, one fateful evening, Dharani stumbled into Mahadevpur with a deadly arrow stuck in her heart. The truth behind her death remained unknown and the people awaited her return to the forest in a new life.

Fifty years later, a newspaper displays photos of the winners of the annual National Awards. Dharani’s family is astonished when they see a photo of Bhavaani, a first-time author and winner of a National Award.

Is Bhavaani really Dharani? Will she be able to solve the mystery of Dharani’s death? Is her murderer still alive?

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Special thanks to my sister, Prathibha Mohan who patiently guided me on the nuances of story writing and helped in reviewing the content multiple times.

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